DJ / VJ / Producer / Remixer

DJ / VJ / Producer / Remixer

DJ / VJ / Producer / Remixer

DJ / VJ / Producer / Remixer

About Fayyaz K

An Inside Look at the Artist

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DJ Fayyaz K, owner of Pez Productions, has become one of the most desirable talents in Calgary.

Building on his 17 years of experience working for promoters and club owners, Fayyaz continues to amaze while dropping captivating track compilations for thousands of people. Having been known to “never leave a dance floor empty,” he has become one of Calgary’s most reputable and sought-after DJs. His track record has catapulted his award-winning company, Pez Productions, into a go-to favourite for events and is now recognized as one of the most prestigious DJ companies in Calgary. 

Having realized a passion for music at an early age, Fayyaz’s interest in DJing came from listening to Chris Sheppard’s Pirate Radio. Inspired by local talents Troy Allen and DJ Gemini, as well as global moguls Tiesto and Paul Van Dyk, Fayyaz worked his way into the industry from the bottom, investing time to learn the ropes. 

DJ Fayyaz is an innovator and a mix musician. He draws from his wealth of experience and cultivates a personal touch, making him notorious for his ability to produce unprecedented on-the-spot mixes. His diverse career, dedication to quality, and refined knowledge of music paired with an uncanny ability to read any crowd have allowed Fayyaz to continue to smash boundaries. DJ Fayyaz continues to spin a bright future for himself through hard work, innovation, raw talent, and a love for his Art.
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“Two melodies, dancing intertwined, as if meant only for each other, created to be together, beautifully syncing as if they were one, being stronger together then apart, building energy; creating magic… the perfect mix.”


-DJ Fayyaz K


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Past Events

  • Dec-31, 2018
    Calgary Flames NYE Party
  • Dec-07, 2018
    Shell Canada Holiday Party
    Hyatt Regency
  • Nov-30, 2018
    Imperial Oil Holiday Party
    Westin Hotel
  • Nov-24, 2018
    Mercedes Benz Holiday Party
    Westin Hotel
  • Nov-21, 2018
    Calgary Real Estate Excellence Awards